YES – you want the promotion, you want the career, you want the lifestyle. BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE NEXT LEVEL? Sometimes we rush the process only to realize that we are not ready for the “purpose”. Have you fully equipped yourself with the necessary tools to succeed once you elevate?  Reaching new levels requires more than just having a desire – it requires consistently moving and improving in all areas. Are you actually bettering yourself or simply convincing yourself that you are at your best? To begin to walk into your purpose with confidence, certainty, and courage, there are two questions you should ask!!!

1. What is your MENTAL MAKE-UP on a day-to-day basis?

Check your thoughts!! When you see yourself stepping into your ideal role, what do you see yourself doing? What is your plan of action once you reach the next level?  What level proceeds the next level? Do you speak positivity or negativity when even thinking about excelling in life? Do you believe what is in your head but not in your heart? As a leader how will you deal with the challenges that may emerge? Will your thought process allow you to fly or flop? The power of the mind is phenomenal!! Your thoughts WILL become your actions. Being a visionary and actually bringing your vision to life first begins with how you think.

2. Are you WILLING to step outside of your COMFORT ZONE?

Get uncomfortable!! Moving to the next level will require you to do things that you are not used to doing or may not even want to do. We all have heard the adage that great things never come from comfort zones – this is true! If you are not uncomfortable you are not growing. Being uncomfortable will force you to participate in accurate decision-making. Have you thoroughly studied your new role? What are the trials and tribulations that may arise? Are you networking with the right people who will aid in your growth? Additionally, how will you lead those around you? Live life without limitations by doing new things that will not only change you – but CHALLENGE you to operate in excellence under any circumstances.

Ascertaining new levels in life will require you to be a continuous work in progress. The question is – “are you willing to do the work”? How much of your success will you actually be responsible for? Will you tip-toe to success or pound the pavement in your pumps?

By Avis Foley, Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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