Style Staple: The Cross Body Bag

Calvin Klein Cross Body BagOne thing that I’ve learned about time is not spending a ton of it rummaging through a handbag like a mad woman trying to find my keys, phone, lip gloss, wallet…you get the point. So, on my quest to de-clutter my life, I’ve decided that going around looking like a “bag lady” just isn’t the business anymore.

In order to feel (and look) more put-together I recently shopped for a cross body bag. I am an absolute fan of quality. But on this particular trip I was searching for quality and “functionality”. Well, Marshall’s saved the day when I came across a chic, signature Calvin Klein bag in camel and brown (similar to one in the pic above). Oh, how I love thee! Let’s just say that less is more as in I now have “more” time to get things done instead of going on a scavenger hunt for my “purse things”. AND…all that unnecessary weight has been lifted off of my shoulder…literally.

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