Happy V-Day To Me!

“First, love thyself.”

This is a heavy statement that became a topic of conversation when presented at our launch in June of last year. What’s interesting is how many of us can go about our day without once stopping for a moment to say “I…love…me”. We say it to our significant others, children, siblings and besties with no effort. But when we express our love for others, how much of it are we setting aside to pour into ourselves? As a mom, wife, entrepreneur, sister, friend and co-worker I realized at the close of 2015 that I needed to set aside time to actually unravel and focus on my needs.

What’s saving my life right now is the Samsung Galaxy 6 – because I heavily rely on it to schedule everything from weekly runs to the grocery store, brief check-ins with family and business meetings. But now I’ve gone the extra step of blocking off two days out of every month to spoil myself.

So, on this particular Valentine’s Day, guess what I’ll be doing?? ME!!!! And guess what else? I won’t feel an ounce of guilt because in order to support those who need my wisdom, encouragement and fortitude the most – I’ve got to take care of me “first”.

By N. Renee McFadden, Co-Publisher

Purpose Weekly

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