Bragging On Blessings

I never want to be perceived as arrogant, so often times instead of celebrating major achievements in my life, I simply put them on the shelf and proceed to accomplish the next goal. I was always taught that humility was the ONLY policy and that I should never put myself before others in order to effectively lead. While this is still my truth, I am learning that it is okay to celebrate moving closer to your purpose. Never reject the fortuity to glorify greatness! Every step you take is a constant reminder of your strength and fortitude!  Here are the top 3 reasons you should NEVER shy away from celebrating success:

  1. YOU ACHIEVED! You persevered through the trials and tribulations that were set before you. Little did you know is that these same hurdles have taught you to stand strong in the face of adversity. Even when you doubted yourself your desire for excellence pushed you past limits you never believed you possessed. All of these steps are a part of the journey specifically designed for you. While you may have stumbled many times over, Malcolm X said it best – “Stumbling is not falling”.
  2. YOU INSPIRE! One of the main reasons why you were faced with such a task is so that you can serve as a living testimony for others. Many will take on similar tasks and will need profound wisdom to aspire to new levels. Sharing your life experiences will assist others in figuring out how to overcome their own obstacles. Believe it or not, you are a ROLE MODEL and will be called upon to serve in a multitude of ways. Your victories ensure that anyone can achieve their dreams. The celebration isn’t necessarily about one’s self. Know that YOU are inspiring…period.
  3. YOU ARE EXCELLENT! Now that you have inspired others to action, your mindset has been shaped to continue to pursue your goals despite adversity. Your state of mind has been permanently altered to the point that you realize that failure is never an option. You are now a “visionary” and fully understand the role you play in making sure your life operates on all levels of excellence. Because of this, you deserve to celebrate your success and should always celebrate the success of others. This way of thinking is required to continue to reap blessings.

With celebration comes the responsibility of also knowing that life’s challenges are placed in your way to humble you. Sharing your success is not bragging when you do it with grace and purpose.

Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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