Handling the Glare

As Purpose In Pumps celebrates our one year anniversary today (YAY!), my mind has been swimming with the countless successes, and even more setbacks, we’ve experienced thus far. And even in this short year, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot. I am here to bear witness that while on your purpose path, you might encounter individuals who will try to deter you from fulfilling your destiny. This is to be expected! Whether this is accomplished through words of discouragement, or simply spiteful actions, recognize that this is key to your development as a leader and expert in your field. KNOW that your vision and goals for your life would not have been manifested within you if you were not capable of achieving them. You are only being tested to see if you truly want your dreams to actualize!

REMEMBER: Your reaction dictates your return.

The truth is that the perceptions of others should not stifle you while on pursuit of a purposeful life. I have learned that the majority of the time those who are indecisive or fearful about walking down their purpose path will exhibit futile behavior to simply distract you from your divine design. It is easier to bring someone down than to take a few steps back, admire their zeal, and lift them higher. Some will purposely try to sabotage your success not understanding that this plan was already written for your life. What they fail to realize is that you have always had purpose – ON PURPOSE! Do not allow this to get the best of you because this is a direct reflection of how they view themselves. This will allow for the best version of yourself to emerge! NEVER BLAME YOURSELF FOR OPERATING IN EXCELLENCE!

The fact that you are actively pursuing your dreams forces those around you to evaluate their purpose and the course of action they plan to take in their own life. Unfortunately, reality is sometimes difficult to face. Everyone has a choice as to whether or not they authentically seek out their best self to pursue their aspirations. The notion that everyone will be happy for your success is unrealistic – this can even include those closest to you.

You must make an active decision to push through regardless of the naysayers. The negative feedback might be presented because these individuals recognize the value that you bring to the table. It takes a wealth of willpower and determination to step out and actively pursue your dreams. It is a SCARY process that most won’t commit to. But this is what makes you different! Your commitment to what you believe in makes you excellent. DO NOT allow others to dim your shine! The old saying is true! Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

Surround yourself only with those who value your vision and warrant your worth. Think about it like this: When looking directly into the sun, what does one automatically do? They turn away. So, think of yourself as the sun. As rapper Common once said, “Some recognize the light-but can’t handle the glare.” Continue to shine bright!

By Dr. Avis Foley, Co-Publisher

Purpose Weekly

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