Brand New

I strongly believe that 2017 will produce a Brand. New. Me.

But what does this mean? More unresolved resolutions? Maybe the inevitable paralyzation of fear? Some might question if “becoming brand new” is even possible. Does a brand new year absolutely equate to a pristine you? After purposely pondering this, I’ve decided that the answer is a resounding “no”. Let me explain. A few days ago I began to dwell on my shortcomings for the year of 2016. My unfinished novel, my muffin top, my complacent career, and so many other goals I created for myself that haunted my outlook on a promising future. What was going to make my 2017 so much better than 2016? Where would the brand new me for 2017 fall off the wagon? The more I thought about what I hadn’t accomplished the more my mindset about myself began to change. I realized that my daily approach had to be completely redefined for optimal results. I needed to get in touch with the brand new me.

Being “brand new” will require you to readjust your mindset and how you approach certain tasks. Acknowledge what you proactively could have done in 2016 and take a brand new approach to doing it all over again. Breathe LIFE into whatever you desire until it actualizes. Tackle 2017 with a brand new EVERYTHING!

Brand new brand.

Brand new attitude.

Brand new goals.

Brand new sacrifice.

Brand new vision.

Brand new patience.

Brand new level of excellence.

Regardless of if you’ve discovered your “brand new” or not – 2017 is here. So get up, change your mental makeup and start acting, walking and talking brand new. The beginning of a brand new year shouldn’t be the driving force behind you moving forward with your dreams and aspirations. The beginning of a brand new day, however, should. I’ve finally decided to be positive and present in my own life to inspire a brand new me!

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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