Hidden Figures…Revealed

Being a woman is hard. More specifically – a woman of purpose. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of checking out Hidden Figures. This movie chronicles the historical tale of three brilliant African American female mathematicians who helped NASA launch John Glenn and his astronauts into space.

The film was inspiring, yet humbling at the same time. It rejuvenated my passion to persevere towards my purpose. Watching these three women create history, despite both gender and racial barriers, forced me to evaluate my role in my own purpose walk. One theme that remained prevalent was continuing to serve, even without recognition. No. Matter. What. They used their impediments to win and not wallow. It’s admirable to know that even though they were denied the acknowledgment of their achievements, at times, they still saw fit to pursue their destiny with distinction. They never stopped putting their best foot forward. EVER.

When you are truly utilizing your gifts to walk into your purpose, ultimately your own “hidden figure” will be revealed. Seek to live your best life so that it will be ingrained in memories long after you’ve left this world.

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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