Lane Changing

Admit it. Somewhere out there someone is doing something similar to what you do or what you desire to do. Naturally it’s understandable why, at times, you compare yourself to everyone around you. But, what you have failed to realize, in all your comparing, is that they can do it NOTHING like you…because you are unique and have just as much to offer. So why do you give them so much credit? Do you allow the envy of others to destroy your own esteem? Better yet, why is it so difficult for you to stay in your own lane?

Successful people don’t focus on the actions of others. They focus on what they are NOT doing and how to get it done. All of your energy should be vested into making sure your vision evolves while understanding that the road less traveled doesn’t warrant insecurity – only excellence. Focus on honing your personal craft because what you have to bring to the table is:

Legitimate, Awe-inspiring, Nonpareil and Extensive.

Your gifts will allow you to move down many different avenues, but ONLY when you master staying in your own lane. This means relentlessly dedicating yourself to perfecting your brand. It requires you to annihilate the thought of opposition and to never deviate from the path that you are on. Staying in your lane demands true discipline and courage.

Understand that your final destination is unique to you and your purpose. Competing with others only creates chaos. The kind of chaos that inflicts self-doubt and discouragement. The only person you should compete with is you. Challenge yourself in every aspect of your life to be exceptional. Every scope of your existence should be dedicated to self-improvement.

Yes, there are going to be those around you who are producing on what you might perceive to be “great levels” but understand and know that if it was supposed to be your journey it would be. Fascinate your thoughts on what’s to come and make a conscious decision to develop the best you. It’s impossible to run someone else’s race while trying to win your own. Celebrate their successes but don’t get caught up changing lanes. The gifts you possess will ultimately pave new roads to your divine purpose.

Do you. In your own lane. Period.

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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