Meet Lesley “L.A.” Starks: Project Coordinator and Netflixer


Her current profession:

I am a Project Coordinator, Creative Studios at Cox Automotive.

What she considers herself a master of:

Organized chaos. I have the ability to find a solution, or middle ground, when others say there isn’t one.

What she does to relax and unwind:

I will lay in my bed with a good book, sleep or scroll Pinterest for inspiration and ideas.

What she does for excitement:

I like to go to the movies or have a game night or potluck dinner with my few friends.

A challenge she is facing right now and how she’s dealing with it:

Not knowing what my purpose in life is is a challenge for me. I am working on how to incorporate things that I love to do into something fulfilling and prosperous.

If someone wrote a biography about her it would be titled:

“A Pinch of Snark”

Who she admires most:

My mom. Her ability to persevere, hustle hard and change course when needed are the qualities I hope to one day truly master.

If she had the power to solve one thing in the world it would be:

The lack of access to healthy food/food resources because not having access can cause numerous problems beyond nourishing one’s body.

If she could be any fiction character, she would be:

Storm from the X-Men series.

What she believes she was put on Earth to do:

I honestly do not know what I was put on Earth to do but I do know it has something to do with helping/assisting or influencing people in positive ways through media and writing.

What she is most passionate about:

I am most passionate about my family – especially my siblings, nieces and nephews.

A quote she lives by:

Prince’s “A strong spirit transcends rules.”

The best piece of advice she’s received in life thus far:

“Until you figure out what you want to do in life, keep learning and doing new things.”

The last time she was inspired:

After watching the movie Almost Christmas, there was a quote that stuck out to me – “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you cannot help them, at least do not hurt them.” This quote caused me to truly think about the energy/vibes I was putting out into the world. I’ve since made a few personal changes and have also decided to change the direction of my website.

How she defines purpose:

I define purpose as one’s truest intention.

How she wants to be remembered:

I want to be remembered as a giving and loving person, a good friend and dynamic business owner/designer.

Her greatest fear:

Losing myself.

The biggest influence on her career:

YouTubers Shameless Maya and HeyFranHey. They were able to create a niche and become influencers while being authentically themselves.

Her biggest supporter:

My mother.

What drew her to Purpose In Pumps:

The main reason I decided to join Purpose in Pumps was to meet like-minded women, make friendship connections here in Atlanta, and possibly find a mentor.

The last book she read:

I honestly cannot remember the last book I read; but, I am currently listening and following along to Sophia A. Nelson’s The Woman Code.

How she defines excellence:

Being extraordinary and amazing.

Three historical figures she admires and why:

Malcolm X because he was able to further his knowledge and gain understanding on his views, then correct and admit his mistakes. I also admire Spike Lee because he cultivated and developed his own niche in filmmaking and film production. Lastly, I admire Jada Pinkett-Smith because she is a free-spirit who marches to the beat of her own drum and does not limit herself to simply acting.

If she could go back and speak to her younger self, she would say:

Concentrate on college work, do not accept the refund checks and become more knowledgeable, resourceful and less impulsive when it comes to financial obligations. Above all, believe in “you” wholeheartedly and regardless of what “they” have to say.

Where you can find her when she’s not working:

On my couch watching a documentary or movie on Netflix, doing design research online, visiting the High Museum, or attending a free art and music event around Atlanta.

Her biggest hope for women:

Sisterly unity and support.

Three items she cannot leave home without:

My cell phone, lip balm and headphones.

When she’s preparing for her next “big move” her process is:

First “admitting”. I am currently dealing with admitting that I am financially irresponsible then developing a plan and budget to be more responsible.

What she loves most about herself:

My ability to laugh and see the good in people even when they cannot see it in themselves.

How she describes her personality:

I am outspoken, passionate, witty, energetic and vibrant.

Her favorite “power pump”:

Steve Madden’s Pampered blush heels are my favorite because they are simple and ladylike.

Where you can connect with her on social media:

You can find me on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram as @SheReignsKali.


I am excited about being a member of Purpose in Pumps and looking forward to meeting the ladies at future events!

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