Meet Gretchen Baker: National Sales Manager and Fitness Fanatic

Her current profession:

I am a National Sales Manager in Pharmaceuticals.

What she considers herself a master of:

Connecting with people.

What she does to relax and unwind:

I take a few minutes of deep breathing, catch up on reading or enjoy a glass of wine.

What she does for excitement:

I enjoy working out, getting together with friends and going hiking with my family.

A challenge she is facing right now and how she’s dealing with it:

Wanting to do more with my life, and being limited by the fact that I can’t leave my job. For now, I’m riding it out until my family gains more stability, while I put my thoughts together on what I really want to focus.

If someone wrote a biography about her it would be titled:

“Looks are Deceiving”

Who she admires most:

I admire my father and my grandmother.

If she had the power to solve one thing in the world it would be:

Injustice. Too many people are dying because of people’s egos and distorted believes.

If she could be any fiction character, she would be:

I would like to be a combination of many!

What she believes she was put on Earth to do:

I want to help people reach their potential in many aspects of life.

What she is most passionate about:

Helping people find themselves.

A quote she lives by:

“At the end, everything will be OK, if it’s not OK, it’s not the end”.

The best piece of advice she’s received in life thus far:

People will always complain or disagree, so do the things that make you feel alive – you’ll be judged either way.

The last time she was inspired:

My best friend is starting her own YouTube Channel even when most of those around her don’t support her.

How she defines purpose:

When you work towards something that has a positive impact on people’s lives and your own.

How she wants to be remembered:

As someone who made a difference in someone’s life who was struggling.

Her greatest fear:

Regretting not doing something I’ve always wanted to do.

The biggest influence on her career:

Many people have influenced me, but I would have to say my dad and my former boss, Albert stand out.

Her biggest supporters:

My husband, my daughter and my dad.

What drew her to Purpose In Pumps:

When I read about the group, I immediately felt pulled in by the name – strong women on a mission to make a difference.

The last book she read:

Firefly Lane. I learned that the power of a friendship can be bigger than any fear.

How she defines excellence:

When you work at high standards of dedication and compassion.

Three historical figures she admires and why:

Maya Angelou because of her wisdom, Mother Theresa because of her compassion, and Amelia Earhart because of her courage.

If she could go back and speak to her younger self, she would say:

Keep going…no matter how hard it gets…it might not get easier, but you will get stronger.

Where you can find her when she’s not working:

Hanging out with my daughter and husband, working out, or spending time with friends.

Her biggest hope for women:

That they believe they can do anything…even while wearing heels!

Three items she cannot leave home without:

My wallet, my phone and my car keys.

When she’s preparing for her next “big move” her process is:

It depends on what the next big move is…but I normally just take the first step and then I’ll figure out the rest. I know, it’s a bit risky, but it works for me!

What she loves most about herself:

My independency.

How she describes her personality:

I’m very friendly, open-minded, ambitious, loving and caring. I can also be funny and a little crazy at times!

Her favorite “power pump”:

A pair of stylish Steve Maddens will do for me.

Where readers can connect with her on social media:

Facebook (Gretchen Riera-Baker)

Instagram (gretchen_the_baker)

LinkedIn (Gretchen Baker)

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