Balanced Diet

Ten years ago, whenever I would hear the word “diet” I would cringe, because in my eyes, this meant subjecting myself to flavorless foods and excessive exercise. The daunting task of getting up every day to purposely sweat and tire myself out seemed insignificant in the big scheme of things.  I used to think that dieting was doltish…until I reassessed my personal regimen in regards to my life. The Webster dictionary defines the word diet as, to regulate the food of, especially in order to improve physical condition. I then took it a step further and researched the word food. The Webster dictionary defines it as, any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc. After analyzing both terms, I now understand how these two have to work simultaneously in order for one to be productive to their purpose! Dieting is no longer viewed as a penance, but as a purposeful pleasure!

Think about your daily operations! Are you thriving in a balanced manner? Your diet doesn’t solely consist of what you put in your body. It also consists of your relationships, how your time is spent, your social life, influences, circles, career, etc. These principles shape your mindset to maneuver you towards your purpose. Self-nourishment comes in many forms! Do you gain the daily muscle needed to manifest your destiny? How do you utilize portion control?

I think about the things that directly encompass who I am. As I get older I make it a point to only eat from the plates of those who have something to bring to the table. A balanced diet means consuming from various sources in the right quantities. All facets of your life must be in good standing to find the balance needed for survival. What you internally process will externally reveal itself in due time. Make sure that you surround yourself with people and pleasures that create balance on the most optimal levels!

Your diet should NOT be a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Living your life of purpose should be a lifestyle, not a fad. Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. You control what you feed to your overall being. Your diet is your bank account. Good food choices are good investments (Bethenny Frankel).

Always be mindful of what you feed yourself – physically, mentally and spiritually.

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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