Meet Adesuwa Egharevba: Physician and Education Advocate

Adesuwa Egharevba

Her current profession:

I am a Physician (Pediatric Pathologist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta).

What she considers herself a master of:


What she does to relax and unwind:

I read books (novels, biographies, non-fiction and fiction, thriller/mystery, true crime) and listen to old school R&B (anything from the 1950’s to 2006).

A challenge she is facing right now and how she’s dealing with it:

Passing my medical boards and learning to be happy and content with my life and to not compare myself to others.

Who she admires most:

Michelle Obama for her campaign, targeting girls to promote the idea that education is the way to change the world. She gave a speech about her childhood that was eerily similar to mine and how she chose not to believe those who told her she couldn’t do it. I also admire her as a wife, mother, and former First Lady for her grace, beauty, sense of humor, and the way she handles ignorance and negative attacks regarding her character.

If she had the power to solve one thing in the world it would be:


What she believes she was put on Earth to do:

To help children and teenagers realize that education is the key and to not give up on themselves and that they can have a productive future despite their current circumstances.

A quote she lives by:

“Don’t put a period where God put a [semi-colon]”. – Bishop TD Jakes

 The best piece of advice she’s received in life thus far:

That I am the only person who can stand in the way of achieving my dreams/goals.

The last time she was inspired:

Last year (2016), between the months of April-June when I lived in Dallas. I reached out to several organizations who had given me scholarships to attend Duke University for my undergraduate studies. All of them were so thankful that I reached out to them that they invited me to be the guest speaker at their scholarship luncheons/ceremonies during the months of April-June. I was honored that they had chosen me and the topic of my speech was “Believe in Yourself.” I was even asked to be a guest on “Good Morning, Texas” to talk about the effect that receiving the Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship has had on my life thus far. I have always thought of myself as an advocate for education but I was surprised that through this experience I realized that I could also be a motivational speaker. And at that time, I became really inspired to start an organization/company that promotes education (by going to grade schools) and helping with filling out college applications, writing essays, and that helps with finding resources for financial aid opportunities.  I wanted it to be a “one-stop-shop” for anybody who desires to go to college but, more importantly, I wanted it to also inspire those who have never thought they could go to college or those who feel that it won’t help their current life situations. But I realized later that I could never do something like that because I just don’t know how to run a business and if it would be successful.

How she defines purpose:

Anything that brings you joy or satisfaction and that you can use as your ministry/gift to help others.

How she wants to be remembered:

As an honest, God-fearing, respected, and educated woman who used her talent to help others.

Her greatest fear:

That I will be alone forever and not find a man who I look forward to spending the rest of my life with.

Her biggest supporters:

My mother, therapist (keeping it real – LOL), and my sister.

What drew her to Purpose In Pumps:

I wanted to be a part of an organization that inspires and encourages women to do more than just excel in their careers. I believe in feeding the mind, body, and soul. And because they are all interconnected, women especially, also need to learn how to support each other and look within their souls to be a better person and to use their gifts (whatever they might be) to help others. I’m currently looking and struggling to find my purpose in life and want to be around other women who either have already found their purpose or working towards that goal.

The last book she read:

The last book I read what called Only Daughter and it was picked by my book club.  But I’m currently reading “Wait” by Devon Franklin and Megan Good. They are both in the entertainment industry and talk about how they practiced celibacy until they got married. It’s not a “preaching” book to tell others what they should and shouldn’t do.  It’s more about them explaining why they made the decision, the process and impact it has had on their relationship, and the aftermath of making that decision as it relates to their marriage.

How she defines excellence:

Doing your best at whatever you choose to do in life so that even if things don’t turn out as expected you are still at least satisfied that you tried and did all you can do.

If she could go back and speak to her younger self, she would say:

I would work on my self-esteem and tell myself that I am beautiful and to have more respect for my body and view it as a temple for God.

Where you can find her when she’s not working:

Well, if you had asked me this question 2.5 months ago I would’ve told you “at home.” But now that I have made friends, dating, and exploring Atlanta, you can now find me at restaurants for brunch, festivals/events around Atlanta, Lenox mall/TJ Maxx….and of course still “at home” because in essence, I am truly a home-body. 😊

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