Colossal Expectations

What do you expect out of life? Most importantly, what do YOU expect of SELF? What are you really doing to meet your own expectations? A lot of people talk about what they desire in life but are afraid to sacrifice what feels “safe” for the shifts of what will ultimately become secured success.

I recently spoke to a childhood friend that I haven’t talked to in years. I remember her doing hair in high school and wanting to open her own salon. Back then she was steadfast in her goals and ambitious in her every right. It somewhat saddened me to find out that after all this time, she is still doing hair out of her home. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this but by now I thought her passion would have propelled her much further. So I asked, “what happened to you owning your own shop?” She sighed and simply replied, “long story”. I wouldn’t accept her answer and prodded a little more.

“I tried, she whined. But after going to school, dropping out due to pregnancy, running into a few credit issues, and bad relationships, I started thinking that maybe I was trying to do too muchDo too much? I thought. What exactly does that mean? Maybe I just expect too much out of life, she went on. Eventually I had to face my reality that I didn’t have what it takes to be in a salon and that working out of my home was just fine. Besides, at the end of the day, I’m saving money. Who knows all the debt I would have incurred running my own business? 

Of course I encouraged her and let her know that she was STILL capable of doing ANYTHING she put her mind to. But after reflecting on our conversation, I realized it was too late. She had already lowered her self-expectation and as a result, had inadvertently sabotaged her spirit.

This got me to thinking. How many of us self-sabotage when it comes to pursuing purpose?

Roadblocks are a required responsibility to rank our level of commitment to our resolutions. A setback should not force you to settle! If you have purpose, you have to find ways to push through your pains. No matter what. NOTHING should stop you from doing what you were put here to do.

I have a PURPOSE so great for my life that I will continue to press forward despite my subliminal defeat. My calling is so COLOSSAL that I WILL PREVAIL despite catastrophe. I advise you to do the same!

Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations (R. Satori).

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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