Response Ability

Are you responsible for your actions? Are you committed to your purpose? Are you faithful in your follow-through? Who ultimately holds YOU accountable? When I was younger I used to look to others to make sure I reached all the goals I set for myself. When they were not accomplished, instead of taking ownership of my lack of ambition, I would remind my associates about their inaction to motivate me. What kind of sense did that make? After a period of maturation, I realized that if I wanted to grow, I had to grind towards my goals. I finally grew up and responded to my own abilities. Below you’ll see ways you can start to hold yourself accountable just as I’ve done:

  1. Make your Purpose your Priority!  Never forget why you chose to live out your dreams. You are going to change the world with your gifts! Think about the lives you will ultimately change. Do what is required (and more) to ensure your purpose plan prevails! It requires major discipline and dedication. Your passions will enable you to discover the purpose of your existence!
  2. Mind your Progression!  Don’t become so focused on the goal that you become ungrateful for the leaps and bounds that you’ve made. Each step in the process will prepare you for what’s to come and more! This is how great leaders are made.
  3. Move your Mindset!  The road less traveled will always deem difficult but it won’t last forever. Even when you feel defeated, continue to press toward your destiny. This will require you to shift your focus from negative to positive. The energy you possess and keep around you will ultimately play a pivotal role in your success.

Accountability breeds RESPONSE-ABILITY (S. Covey). This means that you become accountable when you respond to the gifts that you were blessed with and utilize them – on purpose.

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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