Prep It Up

It takes constant preparation – mentally, physically and spiritually – for your dreams to coalesce. There is no secret to success. It is simply the product of this relentless action that yields the most reward. In order to prosper you must approach every endeavor with excellence and understand that success will not happen overnight as hardships will loom and often challenge your intentions. Regardless, position yourself to be better than you were yesterday by sharpening your focus, eliminating fear and following through on your commitments. Through this process you will learn that discipline and preparation are synonymous to prosperity. Does your effort exceed your expectations? Have you adequately prepared to be successful? Listed below are three keys to rich readiness:

CREATE A CLEAR VISION. No matter what you do in life, you should always seek to create value. Your vision will ultimately anchor your desires to grow and improve. Understand your “why”. Clarity breathes life into your vision!

ELEVATE YOUR WORK ETHIC. When it’s all said and done, YOU are solely responsible for YOUR success. Dependability, accountability and flexibility are required to thrive. Polish your craft, sharpen your mind, and be your own competition!

LAYER YOUR LEADERSHIP. True leaders promote empowerment using a variety of strategies! Learn to lead through clear communication, service, and the desire for constant and consistent improvement.

A wasted opportunity is worse than no opportunity at all. Will you be prepared to answer the knock of success at your door?

By Dr. Avis Foley, Co-Publisher

Purpose Weekly

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