Thou Shalt Not Judge

Regardless of whether you are brave enough to admit it, we all have passed judgment on someone. Maybe it was because of something they said, how they looked, or maybe how they behaved that sold you on your beliefs. But is it really our place to do so? Are we constantly finding faults in others as a result of things that we, ourselves, are personally afraid of facing? Do we look at them and see a reflection of our own reality?

The truth of the matter is that we all have done some things we are not proud of, said some things we wish we could retract, and behaved in ways that contradicted our morals. We are only human and everyone makes mistakes. There is always a backstory that causes a person’s actions. This is why it’s important to put forth your best efforts to stop judging situations you have never been in and aren’t familiar with. So how do you accomplish this task successfully? Here a few ways I’ve learned to counteract judgment:

I remind myself that we all are more alike than we think. Yes, we all have different stories to tell but we all share similar, or sometimes the same, life experiences. And this is what bounds us together. We are all an intricate but beautiful piece of artwork. We all have dreams and desires. We all make mistakes. Very different, but yet all the same.

I am consistently mindful of the things I say.At times we are put in situations that may force us to respond with hostility, but we must always choose our words wisely. Because once they are put into the universe, this is where they will remain. Try your best to speak only positive and encouraging words.

I am wise enough to know that anyone else’s situation could have been my own. Of course our decisions dictate our purpose paths but in some cases our life plans don’t pan out how we envisioned. Just remember that you could be walking in a totally different pair of shoes tomorrow.

Never judge someone’s story based on the chapter you walked in on. Instead, be a leader who promotes peace, acceptance, and forgiveness.

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly


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