Chin Up and Smile, Queen

Body language is important when being cognizant of the message you want to convey. I was told by a colleague, a few months ago, that I always looked as though I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. I decided to confirm his observation by asking another colleague their perception of me. I was appalled to find that they shared the exact sentiment and was more saddened by the thought of being “unapproachable”. I realized that I needed to change…immediately. Not for them but for me. To accomplish this, I now force myself to focus on the positive in every situation, even the most challenging ones. I’ve also started disengaging from my cell phone and smiling at passersby and greeting people on elevators.

One day, after wishing someone a good morning, who’d just stepped into the elevator, I actually caught a glimpse of myself in the mirrored door smiling and thought, “wow, I really need to do this more often.” When we think positive thoughts and make positive gestures, the entire climate changes around us. I now walk with my head held high while constantly reminding myself that I am a beautiful human being who needs to let my light shine upon others. Yes, I still get blue from time to time, but I am careful not to wallow long in the things that bother me because I realize that only I dictate my state of happiness.

If you truly want to love the person who looks back at you in the mirror, set your worries aside, pay closer attention to the beauty around and within you…and don’t forget to smile.

By N. Renee McFadden

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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