Expect It

Always expect more from yourself than from others. No matter what you are going through it’s critical to never lower your self-supposition. You must know that the skill set you possess is going to take you to the next level. Always be conscious of the fact that when you don’t expect anything of yourself, the likelihood of your dreams manifesting is slim. The power of self-expectancy can ultimately empower you to move mountains in your life. Your perspective and how you truly view yourself and your talents are key to your success. I remember when I first began my doctoral journey. For a long time, I didn’t believe in myself. Because I hadn’t met my own timeline as to when I felt like I should have completed the program, I began to have low self-esteem and this altered my perception of my capabilities. I self-sabotaged my expectancy due to fear. It became a defense mechanism that I knew all too well.  At the end of the day I learned that what you expect from self is solely up to you. Self-resiliency is derived from self-expectation. When you decide that failure is not an option you gain a sense of true confidence and freedom. Your mindset dictates your movement and how far you ultimately grow!  It’s truly up to you to recognize that you are powerful beyond measure. Having low expectations will slow down the process and dominate your self-esteem. Never underestimate who you were meant to truly become.

Nobody else’s expectations should matter for your life. Understanding what you have control over and accepting what you don’t have control over is key in managing expectations.  Whenever I succumb to negative notions of myself I reference the untitled poem by R.M. Broderick on self-expectation. While the poem has a somewhat despairing connotation, I use it to propel my expectations of myself. It’s a constant reminder of whom I never choose to be! It reads:

I am but a handful of half fulfilled dreams

Bruised and broken expectations

Bursting at the seams.

A mouthful of words that

Spend lifetimes trying to get out.

A mind in a constant battle between

Self-love and self-doubt.

Does this sound like the story of your life? If so, change needs to come about! This sestina has always spoken volumes to me about what I expect of myself. I vow to never have half-fulfilled dreams that I would spend an eternity to manifest. Not knowing what my life could possibly become keeps me keeping on.  I’ve decided to speak over my future and what I expect for my life! YOU MUST DO THE SAME! Free your mind and decide that you are going to be great…starting today! Demolish the DOUBT, and ENHANCE your EXPECTATION of yourself!

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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