The Year of You

Happy YOU Year!!

Hopefully by now you have claimed 2018 as your year of manifestation. I anticipated getting on my soapbox but as I sat down to pen this New Year’s message, I decided against it. No need to go into a long spiel about timelines, deadlines, nor resolutions because constant reminders won’t do the trick…YOU must simply do the work. This means that your sacrifice, diligence, and desire to succeed must be ten times greater than your fear of failure. So, I’m asking… what are you going to do differently this year? And, most importantly, who do you aspire to become in the process?

The only way to remain focused is to keep clear sight of the mission at hand. You must invest in yourself and decide that you are going to do the work to bridge the gap between your dreams and your destiny! Each and every day, whether it’s 15 minutes or 5 hours, time should be allotted to make moves towards your vision. The fear you possessed in 2017 must be eliminated to clearly see the scope of your life. DO NOT JUSTIFY YOUR COMPLACENCY IN 2018. Instead……

  • Eradicate excuses and engage in follow-through.
  • Decimate doubt and develop a “I will no matter what” mindset.
  • Annihilate negativity and activate positivity.
  • Pen your story while pursuing your purpose.

This “year of you” requires serious discipline and devotion. It’s important that you demand more from yourself this year…possibly more than you’ve ever given before. Set in motion the opportunities that are going to change your life! And most importantly know that YOUR happiness in this new year depends on YOU.

By Dr. Avis Foley


Purpose Weekly

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