Alternate Routes

My personal Global Positioning System can sometimes be a gift and a curse. And yesterday was one of those days. Atlanta traffic wasn’t on my side as I sped up the highway late to an appointment. So, when my GPS bellowed, save eight minutes by taking an alternate route, I jumped on the opportunity! Needless to say, it was an opportunity that I shouldn’t have seized. I was annoyed to find myself immersed in even more traffic!

As I analyzed this lively lesson on having patience, I thought about all the alternate avenues that I have tried to take regarding my purpose path. I then thought about how disastrous some of the outcomes were because I attempted to recalculate my route. The bottom line is that faster doesn’t necessarily equate to favorable. No matter what, one should never attempt to rush the process. Your short-cuts to success could lead to the annihilation of your dreams! So, push through the process!! Rushing your “work in progress” may yield despair and regret.

Currently, I am working on a project that has me both mentally and physically exhausted. And even though I want to speed up the process, I understand that mediocrity is immediate, but greatness takes time. Progression requires patience.

Everything that you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for. Take your time and perfect your craft. Then, when it’s time (not your time), present it for the world to see.

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher | Purpose Weekly

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