High Standards

On numerous occasions I’ve been told that I have high standards. Most recently I was told that my standards are “too high”. Pardon my French, but what in the hell does that mean? After pondering this simple-minded statement for hours, I came to only one conclusion: ONE’S STANDARDS CAN NEVER BE TOO HIGH! As a matter of fact, the quality of a true leader is reflected in the standards that they set for themselves. The barometer of your belief speaks volumes about your vision of victory! If I’m confident in what I have to offer so why would I set limitations on my quality of life?

Think about the most successful person you know and why you have admiration for them. Understand and know that they held themselves to a certain standard to become the person they were destined to be. In all areas of my life, personal and professional, I set my own self-expectation. Having low standards only encourages mediocrity and provides a portal to passivity. And THIS is UNACCEPTABLE. You only get one life. Never be the one to generate a glass ceiling for your game-plan.

Don’t cheat yourself out of life by avoiding challenges and taking the easy way out. Those with high principles operate on a different level of purpose. Don’t be disillusioned on your path to discovery. If you are surrounded by people who criticize your criterion for life, then it’s time to change your circle. Don’t cut corners and settle for complacency. A higher standard starts with you.

By Dr. Avis Foley | Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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