How to Look Professional In Flats

Let’s face it, ladies, we’ll never stop buying high heels!  There’s nothing like that favorite pair of pumps that makes you feel powerful in your purpose! But on some days, wearing a heel in the office just isn’t practical. Luckily for us, there are designers that have created comfortable and stylish flats as an attractive alternative. Let’s just say you have a jam-packed schedule that includes a few after work errands, you can get so much more accomplished when walking in comfortable shoe wear. Flats may not look as powerful as a high heel, but flats have become very popular in the corporate world. Flats represent the fact that women are busy and constantly on the move while sometimes running from the boardroom to the daycare. We cannot afford to be slowed down by the discomfort of high heels. Women that lead busy and complex lives lead with a high expectation. Because of this, we must always look polished!


There are now many flats available in unique prints, embellishments and textures. Try pairing these with a wide-legged trouser and crisp, button-down top. If you’re going for a more classic look, the ballerina flat can be paired with an ankle length pant, a button-down blouse (or camisole) and a waist-length cardigan.

Contributor | Rolanda Wheeler

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