Acorns: A Life-Changing App

Only have one savings account? No ma’am, you should have three! Your short-term savings is for the girls’ trip that you plan on taking in August. Your long-term savings is for the house down payment in two years. Your emergency savings is for just that, an emergency – “Shoot! I blew a tire”, “I got laid off, how will I make it?” Download the Acorns app to give you an additional avenue straight to your savings account. We’ve talked about getting cash back, but the Acorns app will round up the change for purchases that you’ve made (i.e. 39 cents), automatically deposit a preset amount into your Acorns account and purchase stock with your balances. The change that you’ve rounded up will multiply tremendously and it requires no effort at all!

Acorns App

Valerie Pierce | Contributor

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