Thank Goodness It’s “Casual” Friday

As the weekend approaches, most of us look forward to trading in those slacks, pencil skirts and pumps for something more comfortable. Casual Friday, for many companies, has become the norm and is defined differently depending on your particular employer’s standards. As a professional, you should always refer to your employee handbook to ensure you are clear about the company’s specific guidelines on its casual attire.

By staying true to your company’s dress code and being smart about which pieces of clothing you choose to swap for more dressed-down selections, you can maintain your professionalism while staying stylish. But there is at least one great thing about casual Friday’s – it’s your opportunity to be creative with your wardrobe outside of the everyday suit and pumps.


  • Jeans are an excellent alternative to slacks or dress pants, choose a dark wash as opposed to a lighter wash.
  • Stay away from t-shirts with ‘sayings’ or logos.
  • When it comes to accessories, don’t be afraid to rock bold, colorful pieces.

Rolanda Wheeler | Contributor

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