Headed in the Right Direction

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending an open mic night in the heart of Atlanta. As a huge fan of artistry, I was enthusiastic to view the myriad of poets, musicians, singers, and comedians. To say that it was truly inspiring is an understatement. As I watched each talent brave themselves and risk not being 100% embraced by the audience, it gave me the courage to one day do the same (in the very near future). I thought to myself, these people know where they are going in life. They are choosing to flourish because they know they have purpose. And when you know you have purpose, your passion propels you further than you ever thought you’d go. They know that no one or nothing can stop them. They have decided to follow their own direction and not allow the voice of others to deter them.

When I left the venue, that evening, I was on a heightened high. As I activated my GPS and geared up for my hour and twenty-minute drive home, I was determined to mirror those performers by shutting down outside influences and lending my own heart to my personal ambitions about my future. I had decided, at that moment, to no longer spend time seeking others approval regarding my purpose.

As the female voice of the GPS navigator gave me directions, I coasted through the traffic with ease. Upon gracing familiar grounds, I jerked when the navigator told me to take an exit that wasn’t mine. And while I did know where I was going, for a minute or two, I contemplated taking the “suggested” exit. In a moment of angst, I made the decision to not take the exit! While I knew I was headed in the right direction, I almost allowed the constant voice of the navigator to deter me off my path – the same path that I’ve been traveling every single day! I then shifted in my seat, satisfied with my decision, and continued to enjoy the ride.

By Dr. Avis Foley | Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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