Spring is such a beautiful time for change. All around us we are a witness to our friends getting married, relocating, launching new business ventures and with all of the wonderful accomplishments that we see — we rarely ask ourselves, how much did they spend on this? Raise your hand if you’ve thrown out the budget because “THIS was really important!” If your hand isn’t up, don’t worry — we either forgive you or applaud you for doing what so many of us neglect to do…creating a month-to-month budget! No two months are identical, especially during seasons of change and transition. Now that Mother Nature has decided to allow us some warm weather and change is upon us, keep these in mind:

  1. Don’t forget your life hacks. If you have to spend more in one area, cut back on another by using what you already have. Decrease your food budget by taking an inventory of what you already have in the kitchen and make a list of all of the meals that you can make for the week.
  2. Skip one week of hair and nail appointments by doing the job yourself. Not only will you get out of the chair much sooner, but you’ve saved your coins for the day you’ll need them!
  3. Want to look great at the wedding in something that nobody’s seen you in? Thrift shop using apps like: ThredUp. There are new and used items on the site that are far below the store price, and now you won’t break the bank for their wedding plus you still look great!

Val is a purpose-driven woman who is passionate about inspiring, motivating, and transforming the financial lives of others while continuing on the growth journey of her own. She's the savvy young contributor that speaks to every reader & client like a friend that she's had for years. A native of Detroit, MI presently residing in Atlanta, GA, Val is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration and Finance. She has a present career in Atlanta's mortgage and finance industry holding over a dozen state licenses and years of experience to match. Always keeping her faith and willingness to learn and experience life in the forefront, she shares her experiences through weekly contributions to Purpose Weekly and on Instagram at LuvVal__

6 comments on “Budget Conscious

  1. Speaking the truth! No two months are the same, so it makes it hard for me to stay on the same budget. I would wonder why it never worked. I needed this.


  2. Great Read! I love the life hacks, very practical and is something Im going to try. My biggest challenge in budgeting has been consistency. Do you have any life hacks or tips to help me there?


  3. WOW.!! These are really good tips when transitioning btw budgets.! Inventory of what meals can be made with your present groceries is KEY. GREAT Blog.!!


  4. Elizabeth M.

    Great information and something that is very doable.


  5. Jessica

    This is great!! I just moved away from home for the first time and I’m always trying to keep up with everything and save some money!! I need more life hacks 😩


  6. Great article. So true about managing priorities and being flexible with your budget while staying within your budget.


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