While beating the purpose pavement many times you will feel as if your dreams won’t ever actualize or at times are taking too long. Nevertheless, you’re right on schedule. As long as you are matriculating towards your mission, your expectation will surely effectuate. You must tear down time constraints and continue to prevail. Your mindset should always mentor your manifestation.

While living in a world full of deadlines it’s important to understand that greatness takes time and requires refinement. Rushing the process will only create resentment within one’s self and this will ultimately lead to sabotage. Eliminate your plan of how things should go and embrace the freedom of finishing with finesse. Set yourself free from all your self-imposed constraints…it’s time to soar (Wanda V).

As I consistently strive to embody excellence, I understand the value of garnering wisdom and direction from celebrated leaders who have come before me. I desire for people to use my life as a blueprint to hopefully enable them to understand the power they possess to create effectual change. I am an Educator, Author, Speaker, and Visionary. Please Follow:@iamdrfoley ​

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