Are You in Position?

Welcome back to Purpose Weekly! As you may have noticed, we recently took a brief hiatus and I am glad to say for great reason! After prevailing patiently in the waiting season, Purpose In Pumps’ leadership is now seeing the manifestation of our hard work and it is all due to adequate alignment in our thoughts and actions. After fifteen months of preparation, I recently published my second novel, Inevitable, and launched my Dr. Avis Foley site. We all know that there is power in preparation and the moment I decided to go ten times as hard in the pursuit of my dreams, things started to move quickly.

If you want your destiny to deliver in an impactful way it’s important that you understand the magnitude of the responsibility you owe to yourself in the waiting season. Living on purpose and for your purpose should be demonstrated in your daily walk of life. You must ask yourself, every day, what have I done to move one step closer to my mission at hand? This means you will have to deliberately divert away from old habits and impose time and effort towards what you were ultimately put here to do.

The obstacles that you are currently facing in life are also a part of the preparation process and should be faced head on. How you respond to these same trials are only testaments to your discipline, dedication, and true desire to see your life’s assignment actualize. Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it won’t be. Through this process your character will be developed and strengthened so that when the time is right you will be better able to withstand the ever-changing walls of life! Be careful for what you ask for because you just might get it and have to be able to receive it. In order to position yourself for purpose remember the following three things. You MUST ALWAYS:

Examine your why.

Regardless of what you desire to do you must check your intentions. Why are you doing what you do? Is it for selfish intent or do you truly seek to make a difference in the lives of others? Always be willing to face the truth about who you are and your motives.

Embrace discomfort.

Being uncomfortable is a good thing. In this process, you will uncover your greatest self. Every setback you encounter shifts you one step closer to your destiny. Never doubt your strength. You possess all the tools to handle everything that comes your way.

Exercise discipline.

Nothing will work unless you do. You must commit yourself to your calling. This requires an unwavering obligation to the opportunities you are going to create for your life. Nothing worth having comes easy!

Getting your life in order, from your health to your finances, will propel you into a world of infinite possibilities. Always remember, it is not the position but the disposition that matters most (J. Dinger).

Photo by Blair Devereaux


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