Three Major Keys For Pampering Yourself

Self-care is a buzzword that most of us hear often, but a small percentage of us practice daily, weekly, or even monthly. Does anyone have time for rose petal, candle lit baths when there’s work to do, errands to run, and Netflix to watch? Recently, I was intrigued by the repeated Amazon recommendation of one book in particular: Debrena J. Gandy’s Sacred Pampering Principles: An African-American Woman’s Guide to Self-care and Inner Renewal. First, the reviews on Amazon listed the book as a “must read” and “great read with great tips”. I checked the book out from my local library because I just had to see what it was about.

For me, self-care is about taking care of myself on a mental and emotional level. Taking care of myself on a physical level and going after my goals flows better when I prioritize my mental and emotional well-being. As I read the book, I was surprised that Sacred Pampering Principles was first published twenty years ago but the tips are relevant, realistic and can be incorporated easily. There are three ‘self-loving’ moments I took away from reading her book.

You Are Worthy

A Magnificent Work in Progress

Gandy stated that “you are your lifetime’s greatest project.” You have to self-reflect and be aware of your own thoughts. Pampering is an “inside” job or inner grooming so to speak when you are recharging your mind, body, spirits while infusing your life with joy. Utilize positive word affirmations, be aware of the pampering gremlins who will try to stop you from taking the time for yourself and embrace your imperfections because they reveal your individuality.

Woman on Beach

Going with the Flow

Sometimes you must accept things as they are, the things you cannot change. As you fall in love with yourself, life become an unfolding adventure. Take it all in with grace and grace will lead you in the right direction. Create simple rituals like taking a walk around the block, meditating, or running and practice an attitude of gratitude. Find the balanced life that works for you and nourishes your spirit.

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Say “No”

You will experience phases of transition when your love ones may not understand your new pampering journey, or you feel guilty for putting yourself first. This is normal and okay but you cannot allow it to take away from your pampering. Setting and keeping boundaries is one of the best things you can do on yourself. You are human, and have limits. Know what those limits are and say no when necessary.

Pampering yourself is a conscious choice. A choice that you make to nourish yourself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. So, take what you need from Sacred Pampering Principles, and focus on your well-being. You are priority.

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