I admit it. I’m addicted to buying lip gloss. It’s been a bad habit I’ve had since middle school. As of late I’ve been on the search for the perfect upgrade to my collection and I have finally found the right one! I am IN LOVE with Fenty Beauty’s Universal Lip Luminizer! The shine is incomparable and the non-sticky formula is fabulous! Infused with shea butter and a peach-vanilla scent, you are bound to become addicted, too! The luminizers are cruelty-free and available in three shades: Fussy, a soft romantic pink; Diamond Milk, a milky pearl, or Fenty Glow, a rose nude. As of late I’ve been rocking the Fenty Glow and have received several compliments. It enhances any lip color and improves your pout! Rihanna, my lips salute you! This gloss is definitely BOSS!

As I consistently strive to embody excellence, I understand the value of garnering wisdom and direction from celebrated leaders who have come before me. I desire for people to use my life as a blueprint to hopefully enable them to understand the power they possess to create effectual change. I am an Educator, Author, Speaker, and Visionary. Please Follow:@iamdrfoley ​

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