Target Beauty Line for Darker Skin Tones

A couple of days ago, one of my good friends called me with great news. She had finally found a brand of makeup that matches her shade! Because she was a late bloomer and began using makeup in her late thirties, she always found difficulty in finding a match. I am beyond ecstatic as I can vividly remember my amateur MUA struggles! Every girl wants to enhance her look and feel like the queen she truly is. Target finds value in this and, earlier this year, introduced eight new cosmetic brands to their current beauty brands. The joy in this is that it is designed for darker skin tones! I have so many friends that constantly complain about not being able to find their shade or the expensive cost associated with it. Target’s new brands include Coloured Raine, EveryHue Beauty, The Lip Bar, Makeup Geek, Haleys Beauty, Hue Noir, Reina Rebelde, and Violet Voss! My friend swears by EveryHue Beauty. Can you believe that there are more that 150 new products combined? So, the next time you make your weekly run to Target, swing by to check out the latest lines to enhance your look. You can thank me later!

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