Five Apps to Help You with Your 2019 Goals

Many of us use the end of 2018 to set New Year’s resolutions, assess the success of their year’s goals and set new yearly goals. Setting goals for the new year is a mindfulness technique that calls for you to reflect on how you want to live your best life. While I recognize and appreciate everyone’s excitement to create new resolutions to become better people, all the “New Year, New Me” memes and blog posts have given me a bit of anxious on how am I going to keep up and track the goals I have set. I started bullet journaling in April 2018. Though the act of bullet journaling allowed me to use my creativity in an analog medium, the setup was time consuming and inconvenient. Here are five apps that can help us keep track of our 2019 goals.

Goal: Drink more water daily.

plant nanny

Plant Nanny – Planet Nanny encourages you to drink water. Once you input your personal information (height, weight, physical activity level), Plant Nanny will advise you how many cups of water you must drink per day. You can select a plant and change the settings to be different sizes of cups. When it gets big enough, you can move your plant into a garden and start a new plant.

Goal: Stay focused while working.


Forest – Forest helps you stay focus and be present in life. Like Plant Nanny, you plant a tree whenever you need to focus. You set the timer for time needed and put your phone down. A tree will grow while you are in the app. The tree will die if you leave the app. Every tree in your forest represents the focused time you completed.

Goal: Practice gratitude.

five minute journal

Five Minute Journal – Five Minute Journal helps you start your morning off focusing on gratitude and end your evening reflecting on the amazing things that happen through the day. The morning section contains three things you are grateful for, what will you do to make today great, and a daily I Am affirmation. The evening section contains three amazing things that happened today and how could I have made today even better. You can customize each section to your preference in the settings.

Goal: Sleep more.


Pillow – I do not sleep well nor go to bed at a “normal” time. Pillow is a sleep tracker that keeps you accountable on how much sleep you are getting. The app uses the sensors in the iPhone to track, analysis and provides you with a daily report with the different stages (awake, light sleep, REM, deep sleep), the time in bed, the time you were asleep and calculated sleep quality. Pillow has eleven sleep aid sounds if you need help fallen asleep as well as smart wake up which wakes you up at the best possible moment during your current sleep cycle.

Goal: Keep up with your workouts.


Sworkit – My main excuse for not working out is I do not have time. I do enjoy Nike+ Training Club and Nike Run; however, Sworkit works best for me. Sworkit allows you to choose the length of your workout, from five minutes to an hour, and the type of exercises (core, cardio, etc.) you would like to do.

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