Popping Palettes

When it comes to my makeup regime, I’m pretty simple. I love the natural, yet clean and polished look. This year, in 2019, I have decided to level-up my face game. I have decided to incorporate eyeshadow in my routine. While I own several makeup eyeshadow palettes, none of the colors pop! I set out on a search to find a brand that not only accents my skin, but my essence. Immediately upon entering Ulta, I was captivated by the bold and funky eyeshadow palettes by Juvia’s Place. ChiChi Eburu is the owner and has carefully crafted a Nubian palette line that represents both her cultural heritage and art in her variety of highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks. The thing that stood out to me the most about this brand is that it is visually appealing! ChiChi uses Queen Nefertiti to grace the cover of the palettes because it resonates with Egyptian culture! How dope is that! I’m excited for what the future holds for this brand. The next time your eyeshadow needs an upgrade, get jiggy with Juvia’s Place! Thank me later!

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