Praise Your Progress

Forward is forward. Often times as I walk further and further on my purpose path, I tend to forget this nugget. This is because I am always so focused on moving to the next goal that I neglect celebrating my win in the moment. I have vowed to leave this behavior in 2018! I now know that celebrating strengthens your success! It’s important to remember that small wins are just as important as big wins. When you don’t learn to recognize your results, you have the potential to lose focus and motivation. Success breeds success and perception becomes reality when you celebrate your victories. Small wins are powerful… Period. They boost your confidence and upgrade your aspirations. Read on to find out how to praise your progress!

  1. Acknowledge your achievements. It is imperative that you relish in your reality …even if only for a moment. When you acknowledge your victories your mindset shifts about you and your abilities. Often times our perspective gets in the way when we only emphasize the end goal. Tracking your progress is necessary because it demonstrates how far you have come!
  2. Treat yourself! No, this is not a pass for reckless spending. This simply means that you can reward yourself for achieving your small accomplishments. This can include treating yourself to the movies or simply to your favorite latte. One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats. Gather those that celebrate you to share your wins with!
  3. Be grateful! When you take on the right attitude in regards to your progression, expect elevation! When you show appreciation for your advancement, you show appreciation for self.

The progress principle remains the same: Slow progress is better than no progress.

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