Restricted Freedom

It has been said that freedom is the power to choose our own chains. This quote by Joan Rousseau metaphorically speaks volumes! To me, it means that one will remain caged if you choose to hold on to the past. Yes, we all have a past and are shaped by it, but we are not defined by it. Your past should never affect your perception of self. Everything that you have experienced is the indelible ink that is being used to write your life story. Your past is only part of your story. Never forget that. The art of letting go of unhealthy attachment is priceless. You will take unexpected detours on your purpose path if you continue to allow your past to stifle your present. Letting go is difficult but can be done. You are responsible for your right to be happy in life. Gather your strength and release your restricted freedom!

If you remain bound to bitterness it will be difficult to push towards your purpose. The greatest luxury in the world is being liberated! True freedom will allow you to seek and attain purpose that is powerful, despite your past circumstances. Take control of your consciousness and learn how to forgive yourself. Let go of what has happened and embrace what’s to come! Ruminating on the past will not lead to recovery. Trust me.

Freeing yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts will allow you to see yourself in a different light. Once you do you can begin to embrace what makes you feel most secure, confident, and inspired. Your past experiences will ultimately lead to exhilaration once you learn how to confront the past, accept the past, conquer your thoughts, and start anew!

Decide today what drives you more:  Your past OR your purpose?

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