The Cost of Advancement

There is no advancement to him who stands trembling because he cannot see the end from the beginning. This quote by E. J. Klemme shook me to the core! From this quote, I gathered that advancement on any level should always be built upon risk, change, and development. Because of this many avoid pursuing their purpose. What one must realize is that the most important journey is the one that lies within. Your journey will be an unpredictable one that will ultimately shape who you become. Know that your elevation will require separation (from many things) in order for you to clearly see that success comes with a price! Read on to find out what stages will you inevitably experience as you progress on your purpose path.

  1. You will face disappointment. Often times pain is an integral part of any process. Learn how to acknowledge your afflictions and use them to propel you towards success. From this same disappointment is a greater you that is being crafted.
  2. Your confidence will be questionable. The truth is that sometimes you will doubt yourself. Instead of attaching yourself to internal conflict, delay your doubt. Push through so it won’t derail your dreams.
  3. You will fall short. Never forget that every setback you encounter moves you one step closer towards manifestation. No matter what, it’s always important to recognize your own power over failure. Never fear failure, fear the absence of progress.
  4. You will be discouraged. Regardless, one must remain driven and focused. Your goals are too precious to allow others to taint them. Negate the naysayers. Period.
  5. Your relationships may be compromised. Unfortunately, as you move forward in life there will be some who are not willing to support you. But this is okay! Do your very best to make sure that the people that travel on your journey are those who passionately share in your vision.

Accepting that these things will happen confirms the fact that great things never come from comfort zones! This is because you cannot become who you want to be by remaining who you are. You are developing into a leader of influence! Your trials in life are not meant to make you fail, but to see how far you can fly. Keep advancing, no matter the cost.

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