Invest In Yourself

WANTED: Determined, savvy, and business-minded self-starter who confronts fear and embraces excellence! Confident that you possess the potential to start the business you have always wanted. Must be willing to pursue your purpose, despite obstacles. Will go the extra mile to brand your “brand”. (Serious inquiries only).

We both know you fit the description, so why have you waited so long to apply? You’ve always had the tools and ambition, but perhaps you lacked direction. Or maybe it was fear that caused you to fold-over before you even took your first shot. Oh … I know. You justified your defeat by using the cop-out of not having enough start-up money. Well whatever the case, the EXCUSES end TODAY! It is time to invest in you!

While you will make mistakes, a mentor will be there to help make the oversights easier.

I know, starting a business is scary, but with change comes challenges and with challenges comes growth. It’s time to believe in the person you are destined to become and utilize your God-given potential to the fullest. You will no longer sit around wondering “what if” while everyone around you is finding a way to make their dreams manifest. Whether it’s starting your own jewelry line or cleaning service, get ready to put your talents to the test!


Prepare Your Business Plan and Set Goals.

When formulating a business plan ask yourself these important questions:

  1. What will you do to make sure your brand stands apart from the rest?
  2. What is your mission and purpose?
  3. What are your long and short term goals? How will you achieve them?
  4. What steps will you take to continuously improve? How will you remain relevant?

Answering these key questions and putting ideas to paper will produce great results!

Seek a Mentor.

Having a confidant to guide you along the way will help provide the confidence and know-how to succeed on all levels. While you will make mistakes, a mentor will be there to help make the oversights easier. Find someone who has already proven to be successful in the business and form a relationship with them. Ask questions! Ask questions! Ask questions! Mentors are there to assist and find pleasure in helping those that want to help themselves. Some will expose you to invaluable resources that can transform your life! Be sure to also utilize the mentors who currently surround you (teachers, coaches, pastors, etc.).

Make Your Presence Known.

Don’t have a lot of funds for a marketing program? Get creative! There are several cheap ways to advertise your product. Try postcard marketing, blogging, and social bookmarking. Use various media outlets to advertise your product and upload videos about your goods. Promotional products such as T-shirts, buttons, and writing utensils can also be used. And let’s not forget about WORD OF MOUTH!!! Tell everyone who will listen (and even those who show no interest) about what you have to offer and give your product or service away for those willing to try it!

Build Contacts.

Networking with others is always beneficial. In doing this you will build relationships and gather indispensable insight and strategies that will provide opportunities for you to flourish.

It really is about who you know. Try the following professional online networking websites to connect with like-minded professionals:

  1. LinkedIn (
  2. Networking for Professionals (
  3. Xing (
  4. Plaxo (

Anticipate Challenges and Exercise Faith.

This process will prove to be challenging but it’s important to keep an open and positive mind. Someone once said that it takes ten years to become an overnight success. Concentrate less on the time it takes and more on getting to the next level of publicizing your gifts! You will have more difficulties than victories but still continue to thrive! Sacrifice is vital to your success. Exercise your faith and give your worries to a higher being. Do something every day to move closer towards your goal. When feeling overwhelmed stop and thank God for everything you have in life. Stay prayerful and do things that relieve stress such as exercising and reading. And, above all, stay focused!

In order to excel, it’s important that you are educated on the business of starting a small business. This process is comprised of many components that work together to produce an end result. Being knowledgeable puts you ahead of your competition. There are several things to consider when pioneering your passion. Visit the following websites to learn everything you need to know about starting a small business:,, and

Now that you have secured your dream position, LET’S GET TO WORK!!!

By Avis Foley

Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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