State of Mind

Do you believe in your dreams? No, really, take some time and TRULY think about what I’m asking. I’m sure the majority of you all will respond with “yes”. Now, answer this question. What are you currently and consistently doing to support those same beliefs? If I asked you, How do you know you believe in yourself?, what would your answer be? If you cannot answer this question, then you may not believe in your abilities as much as you think you do.

Believing in yourself requires a steadfast mindset that NEVER wavers. Understand that there is power in placed confidence. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the greatest at what you do. I’ve learned that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert, but you should learn how to effectively stroke your ego. How do you expect anyone to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? Without high expectation, distractions can seep in and throw you off your path of purpose. Even when you fail, you must know that what you desire will manifest.

Ironically, getting knocked down builds your confidence because it helps you prepare for possible challenges. Fighting for whatever you want to do or become – no matter how long it takes – just demonstrates your commitment to self. I think about all the people I consider to be mentors from afar. And while I do have great respect and admiration for them, I also understand that they were born with the same purpose-driven makeup as me. Yes, we are brought into this world under different circumstances, but we also are given access to the same tools to make things happen. The only difference between an unsuccessful person and a successful person is their mentality. Our mindset is one of the most valuable tools that depicts how our story will end. Your focus and direction in life is directly linked to your mental magnitude. So as a man believes, he shall be.

By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher | Purpose Weekly

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