Change Changes Things


Sometimes good….other times not so much. This is because it has the ability to render us powerful or powerless (if we allow it). However you view it, just know that when you change nothing, nothing changes. A change of self is key to success. The way you live is ultimately determined by how much you grow. And this comes as a result of your refinement. Your metamorphosis equates to your manifestation. Sure, change can be an uneasy and scary process but one must remember that through effective change, greatness emerges. If you know what’s keeping you from fulfilling your purpose and you aren’t doing anything about it not only are you a part of the problem, you are causing a delay towards your destiny. Complacency keeps people weary of change but know that your shift shapes your success.

In the last 288 days of the year I have experienced SO MUCH CHANGE! And while I have endured difficulty I am grateful for it ALL. If you are one that mishandles change, I’d like to impart on you the famous words of R.M Drake,

In the end, she became

More than what she expected.

She became the journey,

And like all journeys,

She did not end, she just

Simply changed direction

And kept going.


By Dr. Avis Foley

Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly



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