When you commit to your dreams, there will be more times where you are going to be scared than secure. Even still, you must move forward with the vision you have for your life. A lot of the times things will not happen as planned, but these same trials will later be a testament to how serious you were about actualizing your purpose. I know several people who desire to leap onto their purpose path yet mentally cannot muster up the willpower to not focus on what could go wrong. The truth of the matter is that faith and failure must intersect for you to flourish. Staying motivated will require you to call on strength you never, ever thought you had. But still, one must press on! You never want to live your life wondering “what if,” when you can exist in “wow, what next?”

Those who don’t have vision will continue to live unfulfilled chapters in the story of their lives, but you possess the power to change the narrative! I am beyond terrified of what is to come in my life, but I will not allow fear to deter me from my goals. Some would define my current plan-of-action as self-sabotage, at best. And while naysayers will come and go, I ultimately have decided that my destiny outweighs any doubt I might come up against. I must maximize my mental make-up in order to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Never allow doubters to destroy your dreams. Shakespeare said it best in his infamous lines, “To be or not to be”. I, myself, have decided to become.

By Dr. Avis Foley | Co-Publisher, Purpose Weekly

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