Deal With It

A few days ago, I watched Joyce Meyers deliver a powerful parable on “comparison”. She passionately encouraged her female congregation to embrace their differences instead of being envious of others. Meyers further demonstrated her point and brought twenty very unique women to the stage from various nationalities and ethnic groups. She went down the row of women identifying physical differences that varied from the next. After pointing out distinct physical characteristics in each, she reminded her audience that despite the disparity, all of the women were beautiful in their own right. She went on to state that the desire to look or be like someone else should cease if you desire true happiness. “Change the things you can, she advised, but the things you cannot change, deal with it!” Those three words were powerful, honest, and shook me to my core! How much more simple our lives would be if we applied this mantra on a daily!

After pondering on her message, I briefly began to reminisce on the insecurities I had while younger and how I allowed my thoughts (things I couldn’t change) to enslave my perception of self. What I didn’t understand at that time was that these same insecurities set me apart from everyone else! It was a challenge at times, but I had to consciously learn how to tame my personal threats within. Instead of internalizing the things I couldn’t change, I began to embrace them. Stressing over things I had no control over, allowed those same things to control me.

I decided to end the comparison game and own my individuality. I suggest you do the same. Take responsibility for defining who you are and live in your truth!

How will you deal with it this season in your life?

By Dr. Avis Foley

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